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What advantages does our tattoo removal treatment offer?

*All colors can be removed with our removal method. This includes not only tattoo ink, but also Permanent Makeup.

*Lower Number of treatments. In comparison to other methods, the number of treatments are substantially lower.

*No Residue (pollutants) left in the body. The tattoo ink (pigment) leaves the body through the scab. 

*Less pain and No hair loss

*No Blisters, No Scars

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Why choose us for Tattoo Removal?  

Our Price and our Technology requires Less Treatment time thus lowing the overall cost. Which makes us the non-laser tattoo removal leaders.  

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We will permanently remove your unwanted tattoo using the most powerful non-laser tattoo removal solution.  

Contact today and understand why our technology, experience and price and patient satisfaction make us the non-laser tattoo removal leaders.  

MCTC, well remove your unwanted tattoos utilizing state of the art non-laser tattoo removal solution.  

Multiple visits are always required based on the age of the tattoo, the color, the depth of the ink, location of the body, professional and mature tattoo artist, size etc., But with the NPM non-laser tattoo solution less visits are now required. No other non-laser tattoo removal system is more effective at removing your tattoo.  

NPM non-laser tattoo removal procedure safely remove most inks and colors and works for all skin tones while minimizing any scarring and no hair loss.  

Utilizing the latest technology, our non-laser tattoo removal results speaks for themselves. We can now effectively remove tattoos – restoring the skin to a blank canvas by erasing the ink particles within the layers of the skin.  

Tattoos used to be forever. Good, bad, or indifferent, the ink you had placed onto your body stayed with you for life. Sometimes it seem like a great idea at the time turns out to be a nightmare later.  

For the past 20 years, doctors have been trying to find the optimal way to remove unwanted tattoos. Treatment began with painful and potential procedures like dermabrasion or literally just cutting the skin containing the tattoo off the body. Even today a variety of topical creams are available that "claim" to help to dissolve the ink from the surface of your skin.   

If you have a colorful tattoo that you’re looking to remove, NPM non- laser tattoo removal solution is right for you.   


 We SPECIALIZE in removing bad permanent makeup (Microblading). 



Clients expectations of tattoo and permanent makeup removal are often very high. They think tattoos can be removed in one session and that the skin will look the same as before the tattooing. This expectation cannot be guaranteed by any removal method. A scar-free tattoo or permanent makeup removal cannot be guaranteed. It depends more on the individual's skin characteristics and the genetic condition of the client, than the removal method used. 

The skin is a living organ, therefore, everybody reacts differently. We will discuss your expectations and the results in our detailed consultation.

In the majority of tattoos that we have removed, you could not recognize the former tattoo with the naked eye. 




Methods for Tattoo Removal and Removal of Permanent Makeup

Over the years, different methods have been used to remove body art tattoos or permanent makeup. They include Dermabrasion, Salabrasion, Salt Removal, Saline Removal, Cryosurgery, Surgical Excision, and Laser. Today, laser removal is popular but it can be expensive and results may not always be satisfactory.    

Tattoo Removal Without a Laser  Some people want to remove or lighten a conventional or permanent makeup tattoo without using a laser. One of the newest methods offered by Medical Cosmetic Tattooing Clinics is NPM removal solution. MCTC uses this product for both permanent makeup and tattoo removal procedures. (when using Laser, the pigment particles are deposited into the blood stream to be removed) Our method leaves no residue in the body.  

Benefits  NPM can be used to remove ALL tattoo colors—including reds, greens, and yellows.   Because of the technique used, less scabs are formed. Healing process is faster. Less treatments are needed do to the High Quality of NPM removal solution No Hair loss, because we are not using a laser Re-tattooing over the removal area can be done once the skin has completely healed.  Permanent makeup removal or lightening can be done in areas where lasers cannot be used. Specific parts of a tattoo can be removed without affecting the rest of the design. NPM removes a tattoos with fewer treatments than laser, which saves money. Many people report that the removal with NPM is less painful than using a laser. (NO BLISTERS)

How Long Does the Removal Take?  Every tattoo removal method requires multiple treatments. The number of sessions depends upon the color, size, shape, and location of the makeup tattoo. After a procedure, the treated pigment may continue to fade for up to several months because the body’s lymphatic system will internally absorb the pigment. How quickly the person’s skin heals will also be a factor in how far apart the removal sessions can be scheduled. Medical Cosmetic Tattooing Clinics will NOT know the type of ink or pigment originally used in the tattoo or permanent makeup. Pigments and inks have different chemical formulas and are often mixed before application. Also, there is no way to know how deeply the ink was originally placed into the skin. Skin will also vary by type and thickness. The overall size of the tattoo will also be a factor. Some tattoos can be removed with one or two sessions, but others will need more treatments.   


Will the Removal Method Cause a Scar?  Although any type of tattoo removal can cause some skin color changes or scarring, NPM method has a low risk of creating heavy or raised scars. Usually the skin is slightly red or pink for several weeks. This color gradually lightens as the new skin is reformed and collagen rebuilds. 

What Does Tattoo Removal Cost?  The cost will depend on the number of treatment sessions necessary to provide results satisfactory to you. That will depend on the factors mentioned above and personal opinion. You may be given an estimate at the free consultation. Tattoo removal packages are available that can reduce overall cost. Our tattoo removal clinics in Wesley Chapel, Florida & Christiansburg, Virginia are exclusively focused on our quality of Non Laser tattoo removal services. Non Laser tattoo removal at our Wesley Chapel, Florida & Christiansburg, Virginia locations can help you get that new look you want. Removing an unwanted tattoo or tattoos has never been easier. State-of-the-art non laser tattoo removal technology can help you remove the tattoo that doesn’t fit into your life anymore. Whether you feel that your tattoo limits your clothing options, sends the wrong message to your children, family, friends, or work colleagues, or doesn’t look the way you want it to, this tattoo removal is a safe and effective treatment that will work. Medical Cosmetic Tattooing Clinis, use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and have well trained staff with experence and knowledge to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  


*Pricing may vary depending on individual choices upon consultation * Deposit required at time of scheduling *

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We love our customers! 

We pride ourselves on giving our clients 100% of our full attention. We schedule by appointment only. We do not rush and will answer every detailed question.



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We love our customers! 

We pride ourselves on giving our clients 100% of our full attention. We schedule by appointment only. We do not rush and will answer every detailed question.